In the spectrum of recent developments, video conferencing has become a commonly used form of business meeting.

Thanks to platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams, entrepreneurs can connect directly from their office with their interlocutors from all over the world.

It might seem like a video conference is a piece of cake. And yes, establishing a connection using a special application is not something difficult, but you can make some mistakes that may affect the quality and effect of the conversation.


Choosing the right platform

The first thing to remember before holding a video conference is choosing the right communicator to use.

The market offers a lot of video conferencing platforms and each of them is unique in its own way. The following issues should be considered when choosing the right application:


The nature of the conversation

Will our conversation be strictly business or maybe social? Some platforms, such as Facebook or Messenger, although popular, are intended only for one type of conversation – in this case of a social nature and using them for business purposes will be seen as very unprofessional.


Number of participants

The main feature that distinguishes communicators and their different versions is the number of people who can participate in the conversation. To this day, Skype remains the most popular platform for video calling. Its basic version allows you to make calls in a group of no more than 20 people, while the additionally paid, advanced version of Skype for Business allows you to make calls even in a group of up to 250 people. Each of these versions will be well seen in business talks, but for technical reasons, you should think about what you need.


Additional Features

Unique for each of them. Before planning a video call, it is also worth considering whether we only need a camera and a microphone that will allow us to conduct the conversation, or are we planning something more. Communication platforms offer a variety of additional features, such as polls, live chat, filters and background selection.


Platform cost

As already mentioned, the market offers a lot of platforms. Most of the basic platforms are free, but if you want professional business solutions that contain unique additional functions, you should take into account that they will most likely be paid. The prices are very different. You can find platforms for $ 10 a month as well as those for $ 35. The choice should depend primarily on your needs.


Taking care of technical aspects

Besides taking care of the communicator, we also need to take care of the equipment we will use.

Extremely important for the quality of the conversation and the image that we get in the eyes of the recipients are the camera, which should provide a smooth, high-quality image, but above all, a microphone that many people unfortunately do not take into account as an important factor.

The microphones built into laptops are not characterized by the highest sound quality. They don’t have good noise reduction and also they capture your voice only in front of the laptop, instead of from across the room. As a result, when more than one person attending the conference is gathered in the room, it can be expected that their voice will be either faint or even inaudible at all.

Good quality sound is as important as good quality image, so when video conferencing is a common practice in your company, it is worth investing in better quality equipment.

Good equipment and a properly selected platform will not only affect the quality of the conversation from the technical perspective, but also help to obtain a positive result and build our professional image.


What our interlocutor sees in the camera

This seems like an obvious rule, and yet life shows that it never hurts to repeat it.

Firstly, you should take care of a neat appearance and clean, elegant clothes.

Secondly, what may not be so obvious, our surroundings shown on the camera are also of great importance.

If you work in an office, choose a separate room for business meetings in which no one will disturb you.

However, if you do not have such an opportunity, use the business room for rent.

In IdeaPlace you will find professional rooms in the center of Wrocław, which allows easy access from every part of the city, and at the destination you will meet our team that will host you every day of the week and ensure the highest comfort of your visit. In addition, the room you use is fully soundproofed and available only for your private use. Also, if you do not have professional equipment, our team will provide it for you, along with training on how to use it and possible technical support during video conferences.

Business rooms are not only designed for physical meetings, but also to ensure a professional image when conducting video conferences or webinars.


Preparation for the interview

It is not only the appearance that matters, but also what we want to convey to our recipients.

Before organizing a videoconference and a webinar, you should prepare yourself for the conversation.

If you intend to present thematic materials on a shared screen, an extremely important aspect that you must remember is not to read the text from the presentation.

The presentation is always to serve as a visual support of what you are talking about, so remember that it should be minimalist and aesthetic. Instead of putting the entire text on it, include it in your indywidual notes. 

Another important issue is to adjust the message to its recipients. Remember that your client or partner from another country does not work with you on a daily basis, so they will not know the industry language specific only to your branch.

Make sure that information you provide is clear and legible, anticipate questions that may arise, keep an eye on your audience and react to keep their attention.


Flawless video conferencing 

As you can see, a video conference is easy to do, but a good video conference requires taking care of certain aspects, which, although small, will significantly affect your image and the quality of the conversation.

Don’t forget about them and you will surely be satisfied.