The times have shown us how much of our work can be transferred to the online world. An example of this are webinars that allow you to conduct a conference or training remotely in a virtual conference room.


Why is it worth organizing webinars?

Webinars are a modern and comfortable solution for two parties.

The participants of the event are not limited by the possibility of travel or time availability. They can join the webinar from anywhere, be it at home, on the train, or on vacation in another country.

The lecturers, on the other hand, gain a chance to reach a wider audience, and thus, to promote their products and services more widely and to create the image of a specialist.


Is it easy to organize a webinar?

Naturally, the webinar organization process is extremely simple. All you need to do is select the appropriate platform on which your event will take place, invite participants, prepare the materials and that’s it.

Or at least it’s that simple when we think about organizing a webinar on the technical side.

Besides, both during the preparations and the event, it is worth remembering a few rules.


Take care of a professional image

Just because the event is held remotely and your attendees can join it anytime, anywhere, doesn’t mean that you are also affected.

If you want to create the image of a professional, you need to take care of it.

This applies not only to the appearance, but also to the background on which the participants of the webinar will watch you

Do you have a private study room or office? Choose them, instead of sitting with a laptop on a comfortable couch in the living room. However, if you do not have access to them, take advantage of the offer of business rooms.

For those staying in Wrocław, we recommend IdeaPlace;)

Our private, soundproofed business rooms can be rented at any time, both during the week and at weekends. Our team will not only take care of your comfort during the rental, but also provide you with possible technical support in the form of professional equipment and assistance in its operation, so as to further improve the quality of your webinar.


Take care of the proper promotion of the event

Nobody wants to speak to a small group of people. You will not promote your person and business in this way, so you must ensure that your event attracts as many participants as possible.

It will be a good idea to create a registration form and promote it in various channels on the web.

Create an event on Facebook, take care of good graphics that can appear in social media ads, and if you have such an opportunity, also take care of a special landing page for registering for the event. These activities will not only promote the event itself, but also you and your business.


Reach out to participants

Finally, we will present the most important rule for the duration of the webinar.

Schedule your statements to answer key questions before they are asked. Don’t forget about your audience and keep their attention. After all, a webinar is not a monologue and you should make sure that your audience actively participates in it, for example via live chat, survey, or the Q&A section.

Remember to tailor your message to the recipients and take care of their interest, because they are the key element of your webinar and its results.


More than just an online conferencing

The organization of webinars is not only a modern and convenient solution on the training market.

How you prepare for the event and take care of its implementation will affect your professional image and allow you to promote your business.

Webinars, as opposed to physical conferences, can accommodate even over a hundred participants in one virtual room. Participants from different cities and even countries who are passionate about the topic you are discussing. This is a great opportunity to reach a wide audience and create your portrait of a specialist in their eyes.


Webinars bring many benefits, such as image building and comfort.

Prepare them carefully and keep a few important rules in mind, just like in live conferences.


And what about you? Do you have any tips on how to organize webinars?