Conference rooms are a comfortable solution that allows you to build a professional image and ensure the best course of the meeting, regardless of whether it is physical or online.

Our rooms will prove themselves in many situations, from business meetings to training and webinars. Are they also a great option just for you?


What’s special about conference rooms?

Rooms by the hour are a flexible solution for companies that do not have their own or sufficient office space. Do you work remotely, but you need to schedule a meeting with the client or recruit for a new position? Take advantage of a professional business room and save on costs by renting it only for the time you need it.

The conference rooms at IdeaPlace are not only office space. It is a comprehensive service that will be tailored to your needs.

Equipment prepared in accordance with the established requirements will be waiting for you in the room. It can be a flipchart or projector, but also professional equipment prepared for people conducting webinars or videoconferences, because our rooms are not only dedicated to offline meetings. We will also deal with the preparation of catering according to common arrangements and depending on whether you choose traditional or independent rental (without involving third parties), servicing your guests.

Renting business and training rooms at IdeaPlace is a service that aims to relieve you as an organizer and help you prepare the highest quality meeting in a professional space in the center of Wrocław.


Who are the conference rooms for?

The answer may sound to anyone who needs a private space for work or meetings. Our rooms are a flexible solution that will be perfect for any company, regardless of its size, industry or business model.



If you need to arrange a coffee with a client or want to discuss important matters with your lawyer or accountant, you can invite them to a private business room in the vicinity of the Wrocław market. Although you work from home on a daily basis, there are situations that require physical meetings in a professional space. You can rent our rooms for an hour, but also for several days, so you can take care of your image by hosting a guest for a short interview, and conduct a longer event or recruitment in them.



Despite the ubiquitous remote work, from time to time a team meeting in one place is necessary to synchronize work and plan it. Brainstorming and dealing with problems in a systematic way requires the presence of the entire team, preferably physical. Such meetings make it easier to introduce changes in the company and better understand the opinions of employees.

One of the ways to organize such meetings is to rent a conference room during work time. A private conference room by the hour is the perfect place to work together on a project or discuss it. It is also a financially advantageous solution, as you only bear the cost of the lease for a specific period of time without being bound by any declarations. So, if you need to convene a whole team to discuss a few things – rent a conference room by the hour!



Do you have an important videoconference planned and suddenly you experience an internet failure? Or maybe your neighbor suddenly decides to start renovation? Our rooms are available immediately and you do not have to worry about high-speed internet or noise disturbing your work. The rooms are perfectly adapted, and our employees will help you quickly connect to the Internet, and will also offer you aromatic coffee or tea while you are working. 


IdeaPlace comfort

Our offer of business rooms is directed to companies from various industries and with different requirements. Customers requiring an individual approach, who need to delegate organizational tasks on site will be satisfied with that. 

We organize both short rentals for coffee meetings and multi-day events that require more coordination. Our offer of rooms is flexibility in itself, which will meet all the requirements for a perfect meeting or comfortable work in a closed office.

If you need professional office space, contact us and join the group of clients who combine remote work with the comfort of an office in the center of Wrocław.