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Discover a creative work space. Join people with passion and develop professionally. IdeaPlace is a place for freelancers and startups focusing on a modern approach to professional duties. We are where the most happening is, that is in the center of Wrocław. Here you can establish business relationships and you find cultural centers or popular restaurants nearby. We are waiting for you at IdeaPlace.

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What will you gain by choosing coworking at IdeaPlace

No contracts or unnecessary declarations

No contracts or unnecessary declarations

We perfectly understand that freelancers care about freedom of action. That is why you are not bound by any contracts with Idea Place. We leave it up to you to decide when and for how long you want to use the coworking space.

Access to the office 24/7

Access to the office 24/7

We don’t impose hours on you when you should show up at the office. Our coworkers have unlimited access to office spaces with an individual entrance to the coworking zone. The booking option ensures that your desk will be waiting for you until you arrive at the office.

Attractive prices tailored to the needs

Attractive prices tailored to the needs

We focus on transparency in our fee model. You decide on an ongoing basis how long you use the coworking zone and pay only for the time you buy. This way you can control your expenses and better plan your work.

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What will you gain when you join us

Discover the most important advantages of coworking at Idea Place

A charming location with view at the center

A charming location with view at the center

Work in a pleasant and inspiring environment. You will find such conditions only at Idea Place. An unusual advantage of our offices is the location in the very center of Wrocław with a view of Solny Square and the Wrocław market square.

A comfortable place to work

A comfortable place to work

Do you need appropriate working conditions? At Idea Place, you can choose a dedicated desk for work or choose a seat at a coworking table. Each station is also equipped with an ergonomic chair.

Modern office infrastructure

Modern office infrastructure

We know that the workplace is important, but for us coworking is something more. That is why we have prepared a number of useful amenities for you: access to devices (printer, scanner, fax) and a keyless access system to the office at any time. There are also business and training rooms available 24/7.

Business networking

Business networking

IdeaPlace is primarily people. The variety of industries represented by our clients is the enormous power of networking. We create a friendly atmosphere, which is conducive to establishing business and social relations. We provide an opportunity to exchange experiences.

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Coworking Wrocław – price list

for freelancer

Key features of coworking:

  • Dedicated, comfortable workspace
  • 24/7 access
  • Access to office equipment and fast WiFi
  • Professional administrative support
  • Unlimited access to a well-equipped kitchen (coffee, tea, water)
  • Individual locker **
  • 4-hour rental package for a business meeting room **

Available in 4 packages:

20 days a month 850 pln *

15 days a month 700 pln *

10 days a month 500 pln *

5 days a month 300 pln *

single visit 70 pln *

* Net prices, which do not include 23% TAX
** Available in the package 15 and 20 days


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for your team

You will certainly find an offer that will suit your work rhythm. We offer an individual desk or a place at a shared coworking table. You can work alone or with your colleagues. All you need to do is make a reservation in advance.

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How to rent shared office space in Idea Place?

1 Free day for checking out our office

Do you want to see what co-working in Idea Place looks like before making the final decision? Take advantage of the free test day and see for yourself what makes us different. To book a coworking space, please contact us by e-mail, phone or visit our office.

2 Convenient booking system

We will offer you a package tailored to your needs, and then activate an individual user account, thanks to which you can make a reservation in a quick and convenient way. You can also entrust control over reservations to our team.

3 Use of space without obligation to declaration

At Idea Place, you do not sign a contract because the only valid document is a VAT invoice. Each package as part of the service is valid for 35 days. After using it, you can activate another subscription at any time and then book a desk at any time convenient for you.

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Customer about our office space:

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Our customers

We have already been trusted by 1500 customers from all over the world. We care about long-term partnerships and we always try to match the services to the needs of our clients’ businesses and employees

The only coworking space without contracts


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Frequently asked questions

Are you interested in our coworking offer and you have additional questions? We answer many of them below. If you want to know more, we look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to talk about what we can do for you.

Does the use of coworking involve signing a contract?

No, this service is designed with total flexibility in mind. We realize that the freedom of action is extremely important for freelancers, so the only document that bind us is the invoice fot the selected subscription. We focus on the lack of long-term obligations.

What is the coworking subscription?

The subscription is a choice from a range of packages containing differentiated time access counted in days to a coworking space. We offer 5-day, 10-day, 15-day and 20-day packages, which can be freely changed during cooperation with us, using at your discretion once from a smaller and then a larger subscription.

Can I use the coworking space without a subscription?

It is possible in the case of single visits that do not require any declaration of cooperation or the choice of a specific package.

Can my friends use my subscription?

Sharing the subscription is possible within one organization / company / project team, with specified list of people who acquire the right to rotate usage of the workplace.

Does the coworking subscription include the use of conference rooms?

Depending on the selected package, we have prepared various options including access to the rooms. It’s your choice whether you need occasional private office space for rent.

Do you offer a free test day?

Yes, the first visit to IdeaPlace is free. This is a great opportunity to get to know our place, the prevailing atmosphere and working conditions. It is also a great opportunity to meet fantastic people and see if coworking is the right form of work.

How can I book a test day?

You can inform us by phone or e-mail about your willingness to take advantage of the test day by setting a specific date or simply visit us and use the selected desk immediately on the spot.

What subscriptions do you offer?

You can use subscriptions for 5, 10, 15 or 20 days which validity is the – 35 calendar days.

Can I use a single visit at the coworking office?

Yes of course. We offer a one-day rental option.

I decided on a coworking space in Wrocław at IdeaPlace. What’s next?

The matter is quite simple 🙂 You decide on a single visit or a specific subscription, which is activated after making a payment via bank transfer, cash, or card on-site. With an active visit or subscription, you can freely make reservations for any desk at your convenient times.

Is office space access available 24/7?

Yes, we focus on full access to the place to work. We know how diverse your needs and personal preferences can be, so you can work at any time of the day or night.

How do I access the coworking space?

After purchasing a single visit or a selected package, you will be assigned an individual access code to the space. Its validity period for a single visit is 1 day, and for a subscription, it is 35 calendar days.

Can I talk in the coworking area?

Depending on the zone 🙂 In the dedicated individual workspaces, we maintain a quiet environment to ensure comfort and concentration. All conversations take place outside the work area. On the other hand, in the dedicated team workspace, there is a high degree of openness for discussions. You decide which zone you choose 🙂

Can I receive guests in the coworking area?

No, coworking is a dedicated workspace for work. Meetings can be held in the common areas, and when greater privacy is needed, you can rent a meeting room.

Is there parking available nearby?

Convenient parking is available at the Galeria Dominikańska, Windham Hotel, and the National Forum of Music parking lots. Parking is subject to fees. There are marked parking spaces in the vicinity of Idea Place, but it is also a paid parking zone.

Can I leave my belongings in the coworking office?

Small personal items can be left in the coworking area at a reserved desk if the desk is reserved for several consecutive days or if it has been previously agreed upon with an Idea Place staff member. However, it is important to ensure that they do not obstruct movement or disturb other clients. As part of the 15 and 20-day packages, a key-lockable locker located in the coworking area is provided.

Can I come with my dog to the office sharing space?

Unfortunately, no. We prioritize the comfort of all individuals using our space, and due to diverse preferences and health considerations, we must adhere to the policy of not allowing four-legged pets

What is coworking?

How to achieve good results at work? Many factors influence positive outcomes. One of them is the proper organization of the workspace where you pursue your professional goals. Coworking is an idea that has already proven successful in the United States and the United Kingdom, and currently, it is gaining increasing interest in our country. The model is based on shared office space, where representatives from various industries come together. Each of them works at their own workstation organized in the same room. Such a work arrangement provides an opportunity to establish new connections and contacts that are essential from a business perspective. It often serves as a starting point for new projects, collaborations, and exchange of experiences. That’s why young entrepreneurs and freelancers are increasingly embracing coworking. In Wrocław, you can also find “desks for rent,” which can serve as inspiration for personal growth and the pursuit of new challenges.

Who are serviced offices dedicated to?

At IdeaPlace, we support creative work and the idea of networking. We create conditions for growth and expanding horizons. That’s precisely why our services are sought after by individuals who approach business in a modern way. The core of our coworking service is the rental of a workstation. However, at IdeaPlace, we offer more. The subscription includes access to the kitchen, where you’ll find excellent coffee and tea. Cleaning services take care of maintaining cleanliness. You will also receive support in your daily work – stable internet, as well as printing and scanning facilities for documents. Additionally, if an unexpected problem arises or you have extra tasks, you can count on our administrative team. And when you plan a meeting with a client or business partner, we provide business meeting rooms. We are here to create comfortable working conditions for you. In our space, you will meet passionate people. The drive for action fuels networking at IdeaPlace. We regularly organize meetings and events aimed at integrating businesses present in our coworking space. We are dedicated to developing coworking in Wrocław.

How does coworking work at IdeaPlace?

The benefits provided by coworking spaces include, above all, a comfortable place to work, fast internet, and access to office equipment. Coworking offices also offer professional administrative support, business networking, and the option to use additional services. The ideal space is a solution for entrepreneurs seeking a place to organize business meetings. Thanks to its excellent location and convenient access, IdeaPlace coworking space, located in the heart of Wrocław, is an outstanding choice for any business.

Advantages of coworking

Working in a shared space has its positive aspects. It is a good solution for individuals who want to avoid the monotony of remote work. Coworking allows for a clear separation between work and private life, which is essential when considering the so-called work-life balance. Sometimes, creating a dedicated workspace at home is not as straightforward as it may seem and can also be costly. In the case of coworking, you have access to a desk and all necessary office equipment. However, what coworking enthusiasts value the most is the interaction with other people. Working in the same space serves as a stimulus for forming new connections.

Coworking – a solution for small or large companies?

Freelancers eagerly embrace the coworking model of work. However, this does not mean that coworking is exclusively reserved for solo entrepreneurs. Start-ups and increasingly, corporations also opt for coworking, purchasing employee packages for coworking spaces. Within this service, you can rent more than one desk and work with your colleagues. This allows for minimizing rental costs since the fees are based on the actual hours used. This is precisely how flexible coworking operates in Wrocław.