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IdeaPlace is a multifaceted support for businesses. It’s a partner that helps establish and grow in Wrocław. It allows you to meet new partners, build important relationships, and become part of local business, networking, and CSR initiatives. IdeaPlace started as a co-working space in a charming townhouse but has gone several steps further. The core of these competencies has always been, and will always be, human relationships. As a result, the company specializes in multidisciplinary support, special tasks, and doesn’t shy away from unconventional challenges. The company revolves around creative and IT industries, but you can also find lawyers and engineers here. It’s also an active player in the local business community and a partner to public institutions.

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At the beginning, there was change. When we created IdeaPlace in 2011, coworking was taking its first steps in Poland. Freelancers from the creative and IT industries were somewhat groping in the dark, searching for various forms of self-employment that would simultaneously allow them to build a network of contacts. That was our starting point. We listened to the needs and aimed to create a friendly and creative space that would prioritize interpersonal relationships. This place was meant to be a business home but also a crucible where ideas, concepts, new possibilities, and partnerships are born. Therefore, in addition to the constantly evolving range of hard services that keep pace with market changes, it was important to support the Wrocław business ecosystem. From the early years of IdeaPlace, we focused on integrating business environments, enhancing the attractiveness of Wrocław for investments, and helping entrepreneurs acclimate to our city.

Over a decade on the business map of Wrocław, IdeaPlace has come a long way and evolved significantly. The direction of these changes has always been determined by the needs of our clients, partners, and the communities somehow connected with the company. The core of IdeaPlace has consistently been offering professional office, organizational, and assistant support. However, this is just another starting point. Our experience, continually developed relationships, and competencies enable us to support businesses in various fields and at a deeper level. The goal that accompanies us every day is the collaborative creation of solutions, connecting, enabling, and overcoming challenges together.

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Jutta Hutsch-Kasprzyk

Chief Operation Officer

Ewa Rogoż

Chief Executive Officer

Dorota Śliż

Office Coordinator

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We have already gained the trust of 1500 clients from around the world. We nurture long-term, partnership relationships and always strive to tailor our services to the needs of our clients’ businesses and employees.