When we think about remote work, the image of working from home naturally comes to mind. However, this is a false assumption. What does coworking have to do with remote work? See for yourself!


What is coworking?

Coworking is a service consisting in renting a desk to work in a professional open space, the so-called shared space. At least, it’s a very general definition.

Coworking at IdeaPlace is primarily about convenience. Our desks are available for rent throughout the week, at any time of the day or night. In addition, you can count on the support of our team, use the office equipment provided by them and use the shared kitchen with unlimited amounts of aromatic coffee, tea and cold drinks.

Coworking is not only a workplace for rent, but also a community.

At IdeaPlace, we focus on networking. In our coworking space you will meet people who need a place to work at one time, but also those who have made our desks their permanent place of work. Coworking is work in an inspiring group of entrepreneurs and freelancers from various fields.


How does coworking compare to remote work?

We simply refer to remote work as work outside the company’s premises. It may be a house, a cafe or a train, but this concept is not limited to such places.

Coworking is a modern solution that helps to combine remote work with work in the office space. Working from home, although it may seem comfortable, has taken its toll on many entrepreneurs in the last year. Coworking allows people working remotely to maintain full comfort of work, separate private and professional life and take care of a professional business image.

Do you expect important videoconference or business meeting during your work?

If you use IdeaPlace services, you don’t have to worry about where you will receive your guests or what background will be visible behind you on the camera. You can use our professional business rooms, for which our clients are offered a permanent discount.

Coworking allows entrepreneurs working remotely to remain fully professional and guarantee comfort. It can be both a temporary and permanent solution, everything depends on your needs.


Who should use coworking?

Everyone. It is a flexible service that will adapt to the needs of every entrepreneur and freelancer working remotely.


For those who are tired of working from home

Last year forced you to switch to a home office and your home is not sufficiently adapted to remote work? You do not have a separate office and working in the living room is already starting to overwhelm you? Perhaps you have difficulties with the division between work and private life and feel like you spend all your time at work?

It all sounds familiar, and coworking can be a remedy in that case.

Previously, it was known mainly as an option for freelancers, but due to the pandemic, it is gaining more and more supporters, also among employees longing to return to the office.


For those working and travelling

A hotel or train may seem like a good place to work once on a business trip. However, as you know, working all day in bed is not good for the spine, and there is no need to say much about the guarantee of a good Internet connection.

How about a professional work space instead of staying in a hotel?

For people visiting Wrocław, IdeaPlace will be the perfect choice for one simple reason – location.

Our coworking space is located in the heart of the Wrocław market square, so not only does it guarantee convenient access from every part of the city, but it will also provide an attraction for visitors.

On the way to work, you can visit the Wrocław market, admire the Solny Square and the Town Hall from your window, and during lunch, take advantage of the offer of one of the numerous restaurants located at your fingertips.

Doesn’t that sound like a good plan?


For entrepreneurs who do not have their own office

Perhaps you are a freelancer working from home or a virtual office user. Coworking is open to everyone for the period you need it for. Regardless of whether you want a break from working at home, or you have a one-time job to do and you want to work on it in the office, or you are looking for a permanent place, everyone will find something for themselves in the coworking space.

What’s more, coworking as a permanent workplace can turn out to be a great way to optimize costs. This is a classic example of a situation where you can have a cookie and eat a cookie, or in this case, have an office space to work, but not increase your costs by renting and equipping a private office.


Remote work only at coworking!

Comfort, cost optimization, flexibility – these are just a few of the features of coworking. And although we have listed some of the most important examples of people for whom it will be a good solution, they are definitely not the only ones!

Coworking is a flexible solution that allows you to work remotely, while working in a professional and comfortable office space.

Any entrepreneur working remotely should at least try it, for example by going for a free trial day at IdeaPlace.

Sounds Interesting?