For some people, working remotely turned out to be a comfortable working style in which they found themselves perfectly. Their efficiency remained as high as when working in the office, or even increased. However, this does not apply to everyone. For some, the transformation of a home that had previously served as a pleasant space for relaxation into a workplace, turned out to be an unpleasant experience.

Working at home can be pleasant if you have a separate space that serves as an office or at least a desk intended for work

Many people, forced to switch to home office mode last year, did not have such convenience, and their work was done from the kitchen or living room. While it might seem like a pleasant one at first, after a long time many employees missed working in the office.

Working from home not only had a negative impact on the well-being and comfort of these people – being in the same space for 24 hours and the lack of appropriate equipment and organization of the workplace, had an impact both on the psyche and physical health, but also often on work efficiency.

Home office is often associated with a lack of focus on work

In the case of people working in a space not adapted to work, this is not surprising, because they are surrounded by a lot of distractions throughout the day.

Do you work on the couch in the living room? Are you not tempted then to see the TV and think about turning on your favorite series in the background?

Or checking your phone for the tenth time, because no one else controls what you are doing?

Even if your answers are “no” and you are trying to get involved in your work, there will be other reasons why your productivity will be degraded.

The sound of the washing machine from the bathroom, the children playing in the background, the neighbor who decided to start renovation – each of these sounds makes it difficult to concentrate.

How about adding to this an attempt to reconcile work with household chores? Cooking dinner, setting the laundry – it feels like one little thing during the day until you check your watch when it’s finished.

Although remote work will definitely stay with us for a long time, even after the pandemic ends, it is not an ideal solution for everyone

Not all of us have appropriate working conditions at home, and not all of us manage to reconcile professional and private life. Some people need a clear line between these spheres.

And for all these people, coworking is an ideal option which, just like remote work itself, is to gain more and more popularity in the coming years.

Coworking in open space is the answer for those who need professional work space

And it’s not only people tired of working from home, but also those who need professional office space from time to time or freelancers who want to reduce the costs associated with renting office space.

A coworking space is a professional office space that differs from a normal office in that instead of being divided by one company, you will meet entrepreneurs from various industries working for different companies.

It’s a place designed for work

Fast internet, comfortable armchairs, contoured to take care of your body while working at the computer, access to professional office equipment and an interior that is not intended to distract you.

Coworking also means people working with you in the open space, who not only motivate you to work and help to get rid of the feeling of loneliness, but can also turn out to be great private and business contacts.

Coworking space definitely helps to increase productivity at work. You can focus on tasks in a quiet and comfortable place, get inspired and most importantly, separate your private and professional life.

If coworking in Wrocław? Then only in IdeaPlace!

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At IdeaPlace, we try to provide our clients with comfortable and flexible work, which will result in efficiency and no lost time.

If you have difficulties with productivity while working remotely, coworking may be the perfect solution for you. And it’s best to find out about it using the free trial day at IdeaPlace