Serviced office is a perfect solution for companies, which are planning to implement hybrid work. Companies’ owners more frequently decide on such resolutions, because hybrid work brings benefits to both employees and employers. Its main advantage is flexibility – team members may choose where they want to perform their duties from, what is more their employer is not obligated to a long-term office rental.
We encourage you to get acquainted with a very appealing Idea Place’s serviced office offer. We will help your company with the work model transformation!

Avoid additional costs – benefits of a serviced office

Hybrid work means that employees come to the office only when it is necessary. Whereas they deal with most of their responsibilities from home. You might be wondering if the serviced office will meet your expectations. Wrocław is a rapidly developing city, in which more and more businesses acknowledge the profits of an adjustable rental of an office space. The increasing popularity of hybrid work models lead to the necessity of searching for new solutions, which will be lucrative for a company’s budget as well as rewarding for employees.

Adjustable conditions of a serviced office rental

A crucial factor which needs to be taken into account when renting an office space is the rental period. Serviced office is a service made for companies that need space for teams working partly remotely. It is also an excellent idea when it comes to coworking for businesses in a comprehensively equipped office in the center of the city. We adjust to your needs, that is why we offer an option of rental for a convenient period of time – you are not obligated to conclude a contract for years. While you draw upon our office, you may replace it with a smaller or a bigger one which is a very appealing offer compared to other offices located in the heart of Wrocław.

Hybrid work model – advantages and disadvantages

Serviced office is a bargain for an employer and his team. They gain time which they had to spend on driving to the office daily. It results in spending less money on gas. Hybrid work model is an opportunity to perform your duties in flexible working hours, which is essential when it comes to E.g. parenting.
More spare time allows you to spend it doing things you’re passionate about. It has a great impact on your wellbeing.
Potential risks and defects associated with hybrid work can be handled thanks to the flexibility offered by hybrid work. In case people who work in your company struggle with team building, as an employer you may work this issue out by using coworking for companies.It’s a solution based on office rental but only on specific days, without the need to conclude long-term contracts. This way you take good care of the work place’s reputation, and allow your employees to integrate with their team during important moments and at the same time without obligating them to show up in the office every day. Arriving at the office could be burdensome, especially in huge cities with backed up traffic.
The ability to choose the place that you work from influences productivity in a good way – the conditions at home are not always conducive to concentration, whereas in the office you receive a professional space, and in addition a support of the team.

Are you convinced by the benefits of a serviced office? Wrocław, and especially its center, is an ideal location for a hybrid work office rental.

Make the most of the serviced office’s assets

Serviced office for Idea Place is a solution that allows to adjust the place to the individual needs of every company. While organizing a business meeting or a conference you can access professional equipment, or supplementary benefits such as administrative help .

Smaller office, bigger opportunities

Office space rental is time and money consuming, and as the company develops, providing enough space for work is more and more challenging. Thanks to the adjustable conditions of rental that serviced office guarantees, the employer can rent a smaller place and at the same time grant them a space for important business meetings.
Do you wish to optimize the costs of rental without resigning from a professional workplace? We invite you to IdeaPlace, where adequate solutions and comprehensive service tailored to meet your needs await you.