Various work models and modern approach to conducting your business cause more and more entrepreneurs to resign from a long-term rental of headquarters for business to a more comfortable alternative which is a serviced office.  Wrocław, being the centre of business events, is a city in which such service is highly developed and ensures a great amount of benefits.

Serviced office is a specially prepared space ready for work. Its quality is a flexible work coordination so as to meet the needs of even the most demanding and challenging teams.

Serviced office is not confined to only rooms. Renters may make use of additional services, namely administrative support of a virtual assistant, access to meeting rooms and training rooms, and professional office equipment. Serviced office guarantees that the space you pay for will entirely cover all your current business needs.

Comprehensive office service for your company

Conducting your business is associated with time-consuming administrative issues. Serviced office, is a service that supports entrepreneurs and provides help with such responsibilities.

While renting a serviced office you can expect support from the qualified reception, which will take the burden off you and ensure help with servicing clients, making certain that your perception remains impeccable.

Choose a package deal which will satisfy your expectations.

In IdeaPlace, we know that businesses’ needs are often beyond just the working space rental. That is why we are ready to comprehensively support you in career development. We await you with an offer which includes many additional services, such as virtual assistant, meeting and training rooms. After a conversation that will allow us to take a closer look at your business expectations, we will prepare a personalised package deal for you.

The impact of serviced office’s amenities and facilities on work quality and its results

One of the most important factors having an influence on work quality is comfort of the space that we deal with our responsibilities in. Teams that meet in suitably adjusted rooms, are able to focus on career matters, find motivation, creativity and avoid stress connected with equipment or cleanliness of their office.

Comfortable office chairs and desks are essential when it comes to furnishings in our space. The well-being of our clients is also affected by:

  1. High-speed internet

  2. Photocopier, scanner and fax

  3. Unlimited access to a well-equipped kitchen

  4. The possibility to use our open space equipped with a table nearby dining area, sofa, armchairs and pouffes

  5. An option to rent rooms for additional meetings

  6. Air conditioning

Additional advantage of serviced offices is without a doubt the possibility of arranging the space for current workers’ needs. Perhaps your team needs to focus on a displayed presentation or work in smaller groups? We will help you manage the space in a way that will provide full comfort. In case of an individual request we will organise auxiliary equipment, crucial for you to work.

A perfect solution for an entrepreneur who has just started his business

Serviced office is a key for entrepreneurs who have just started their career path in the business world. First of all, this kind of rental is cheaper than a traditional office. Optimising the costs bestows serenity and allows you to invest in your company’s development and to avoid the necessity of a long-term lease commitment

The company that offers the serviced office takes over most of the administrative cases. Entrepreneurs can with complete trust delegate the matters of office services, equipment or cleaning and instead can focus on the company’s development. They gain time, which they would have to spend on time-consuming formalities or recruiting new employees.

It is worth mentioning that there are possibilities of networking, which a serviced office has to offer. Wrocław is a perfect place to establish new business contacts that can turn out to be crucial for further development of your company.

Serviced office – a perfect place for coworking

Serviced office is a space created for teamwork but also adjusted to other kinds of fulfilling work duties. It’s a place perfect for coworking, which is based on working at an assigned desk. Idea Place’s offices were created with the idea of teams working both on their own and project groups. Coworking has become somewhat one of the serviced office work’s kinds. It’s a space made for those who need a moment to focus better and stay in touch with the rest of their team.

Do you feel like the serviced office could have a good impact on your company? Contact us today!