Recent years have been a time of transformation in the area of work models, especially for those whose job responsibilities revolve around online activities. The constantly growing popularity of hybrid and remote work has forced employees to adapt to the new reality and face the challenge of reconciling private and professional life, which in many cases have started to coexist in the home space.

Coworking office

Coworking office – service

Coworking turned out to be the alternative to the home office and the real support for maintaining the work-life balance. What is it, what benefits does it bring and for whom will it be the perfect solution? We have gathered answers to the frequently asked questions by entrepreneurs and created a comprehensive guide for all those who want to know the specifics of this service. Let’s dive into it!

What Is Coworking Space?

Coworking space is a type of space shared between freelancers, employees and entrepreneurs from different companies. Coworking is a possibility of individual or joint work, at fully adapted, equipped space that provides a greater work comfort than at home.

Currently, coworking space can be divided into the so-called open space, where a large number of desks are placed, and a separate room for groups, adapted to coworking for teams.

Among the distinguishing features of coworking, the most important are:

How Does Coworking Work?

Why is coworking a perfect option for entrepreneurs or freelancers who value their time? Because it is a simple solution that works on clear, transparent principles and does not require complicated administrative processes. You can use the space as soon as you contact the office. Importantly, the person who chooses to use the service sets the rental time to suit their individual needs. A coworking office can be rented for several hours as well as for whole days or weeks.

The basis of the coworking service is the use of a dedicated workspace for you or, in the case of coworking for teams, for you and your team. Here you will meet people who are passionate about their work and ready to make contacts and build networks that will open up many business opportunities for you. At most locations, including IdeaPlace, you can use office equipment and kitchen for the subscription price, and if you need to meet with clients or conduct training, you will be provided with a business room. You can also count on the support of a qualified administration team. Space availability is not a limitation as most coworking offices offer 24-hour access.

What were the beginnings of coworking?

The first initiatives of group meetings to work together were created in the west in the early 1990s. Over time, this model of working became popular, and in the early 2000s, the first commercial coworking offices were established.

Coworking is still a relatively new phenomenon in Poland, and its beginnings date back to 2007, when informal groups began to meet to work together. The first official coworking office was opened in 2008, and the first industry conference was held in 2010.

Today, coworking is not just about renting space. People expect this service to be an opportunity for community engagement, networking, and inspiration. Due to the flexibility, convenience and satisfaction of the need to maintain relationships with other people, the coworking is the future of office work.

Who Is The Coworking Space For?

Not long ago, coworking spaces were primarily associated with IT freelancers looking for desks to work from. Currently, this service is developed to meet the needs of business owners in many different industries. Anyone who values work-life balance, comfort and hygiene at work, development through relationship building, and contact with an international, innovative environment will find their way here. Coworking is the perfect solution for:

For Which Activities Coworking Space Will Be The Best Solution?

Thanks to its flexibility, clear rules of operation, and customizable time and range, the coworking office is a perfect option for sole proprietorships. A freelancer who chooses an office in a coworking space avoids the high cost of renting an independent space and opens the way to meeting many experienced people in the industry.

Coworking is a service worth considering for micro-entrepreneurs who want to optimize the cost of maintaining an office, as well as for employers who hire people from abroad.

Coworking – The Perfect Place For Start-ups And Project Teams

The growing popularity of coworking is influenced, among other things, by the boom in start-ups and design work that has occurred in recent years.

The cost of running one’s own business is still not low, so people who start a business, including in the service sector, rarely decide to rent space for a long period of time at the very beginning of their business. Entrepreneurs who want to separate their personal and professional lives and provide a comfortable place to work appreciate the potential of coworking space.

Working in a coworking office often brings many benefits to project teams, whose motivation and efficiency increases when working together. Coworking for teams guarantees space for groups that need to meet live in comfortable conditions.

Why Is It Worth To Rent Office Space In a Coworking Space?

Working in a shared workspace means convenience, cost savings, and no worries or additional administrative work. After joining the coworking space, you can fully focus on developing your skills and on all your professional responsibilities. Networking and the opportunity to establish business contacts on such a large scale is not possible under any other conditions.

The possibility of using a comfortable, well-equipped office in a prestigious business meeting center, the opportunity to use additional services and administrative support are just some of the benefits of working in coworking offices.

When To Choose A Coworking Space?

It is worth choosing to work in a coworking space when we realize that the cost of maintaining the entire office significantly exceeds our budget. It is also a solution for those who feel that the balance between personal and professional life has been disturbed, that the efficiency of work at home is much lower, and that development without daily interpersonal contacts is not so dynamic.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Coworking

The most important characteristic and advantage of coworking is the possibility of networking, i.e. establishing business contacts. Contact with other people, often in the same industry, is an opportunity to exchange experiences and often to cooperate.

The coworking office is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid the monotony and negative effects of working completely remotely. The decision to use this service is a step toward maintaining a work-life balance. Having access to appropriate equipment and a comfortable, designated workspace is key to maintaining occupational health and safety. When considering the coworking service, it is important to remember that it can be slightly more expensive than working from home. How much does the coworking cost? The fully equipped space with access to a kitchen and professional administrative support costs a few hundred zlotys per motnth. The limited availability of coworking spaces is also its disadvantage. The residents of large cities should have no problem finding a place to work, however, people from smaller towns must take into account the need to travel.

Where Does The Growing Popularity Of Coworking Spaces Come From?

Hybrid and remote work, which have surged in popularity in recent years and are now commonplace for many internet-based industries, have prompted changes in employee needs and expectations. A separate workspace outside of home, enabling full concentration on business tasks and potential networking opportunities, holds great value for remote workers. Coworking addresses typical issues associated with working from home, such as the presence of household members, a lack of office equipment, or an unstable internet connection. Separating our living and workspace has a positive impact on our mental wellbeing and life balance, boosting motivation and commitment levels.

Own Office Costs That Coworking Space Eliminates

Coworking is undoubtedly a more cost-effective solution than a full-scale, long-term office maintenance. This solution is especially appreciated by freelancers and employers who pay for coworking space or coworking for teams of their employees.

If we decide to rent an entire office, we must take into account the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment, such as desks, chairs, printers, scanners. You also have to worry about fast WiFi, kitchen supplies, and cleaning products. Administrative support will also likely be needed, which will require hiring another person.

When you choose a coworking space, you get everything you need in the package. You only use the workspace when you or your team need it, and you don’t have to worry about equipment or keeping the space clean because the office staff takes care of everything. Most coworking spaces also offer additional services at a reasonable price, available on demand. Coworking is the certainty that you will pay a specific, pre-determined fee for the space, thus avoiding unforeseen expenses.

Coworking And Hybrid Work

Hybrid work, where you spend half your time in the office and the other half at home, requires teams to be well organized. Coworking is a great support in this case, because:

When Is It Worth Switching From Remote Work to Coworking?

Thanks to its flexibility, coworking is able to respond to the diverse needs of many companies and freelancers, neutralizing all the disadvantages and inconveniences associated with remote work.

When is it worth considering switching from working completely remotely to working in a coworking space? If we find that the conditions at home do not meet our needs, that the space is not conducive to sitting at a desk for hours on end, or that the environment is not conducive to the silence we need to focus, then we need to change. Coworking is an option to consider when we notice a decrease in motivation and efficiency. The role of an employer or leader is priceless as he constantly evaluates the level of engagement and mental health of employees and supports the talents of his organization in maintaining a work-life balance. The solution where the employer pays for the coworking office is becoming more and more popular, as it creates conditions for employees to work comfortably.

A Popular Alternative To Remote Work – Coworking

The growing interest in coworking as an alternative to fully remote work comes from recognizing and experiencing the shortcomings of remote work, which often only become visible after many months of working in this model. Home is not always a good place to work, especially if we share the space with others.

Coworking is more than just a work desk. It helps those who are overwhelmed by work in the place where they live, where they do not feel sufficiently comfortable and where their motivation to work decreases. The coworking office is a place that provides full professionalism and comfort at the same time.

How do I rent a coworking space?

For most coworking offices, all you need to do to make a reservation is call or send an email. Once you have chosen your package, you are free to book any desk at your convenience. Many places offer a free test day to see how you feel in a particular space.

How To Organize Your Work In The Coworking Space?

It does not take much preparation to start working in a coworking space. The office and kitchen facilities are fully equipped, the standards of cleanliness are maintained, and you will be provided with a high-speed Internet connection. All you need to get started is your own laptop.

When planning your work day, it is important to remember that in the area dedicated to individual work, it is necessary to maintain silence so as not to disturb anyone. It is recommended to conduct all conversations in a space dedicated to teamwork.

Coworking – Working Together For Teams And Freelancers

The main characteristic of coworking is the opportunity to meet people from different industries and with different types of activities. Coworking is dedicated not only to freelancers who, in addition to networking, are looking for a place where they can concentrate and work in silence, but also to project teams, for whom special rooms are designated. Exchanging experiences with people working in different modes, doing activities independently, and larger groups collaborating on tasks is an invaluable dose of business knowledge.

What Are The Characteristcs Of Coworking Offices?

Coworking is a modern and innovative answer to the expectations of today’s entrepreneurs. It is a space that fullfils all the conditions that are necessary for comfortable work, maintaining work-life balance, taking care of interpersonal contacts.

Possibility to start work without a heavy financial burden and additional administrative or organizational tasks. Coworking is the only place to work where you can focus only on your professional duties.

Coworking Office In Wrocław – A Space Equipped With Modern Facilities

Wrocław, as one of the major cities which are the center of business meetings and a seat for many enterprises, has a rich coworking offer. Spaces that you can find in the capital of Lower Silesia are modern and fully equipped offices which bring together coworkers from all over the world.

Idea Place – It’s Where You Find Space To Work Togheter

At IdeaPlace, we understand how working conditions affect efficiency and how they affect all aspects of our lives. Our coworking spaces are designed with different needs in mind. Plac Solny 15 is a meeting place for people from an international environment ready to network in a common space. We are here to ensure the best working conditions, comfort and development in an innovative environment. Get in touch with us today!