When setting up a company, you must register it at a specific address. However, what if renting a professional office space is not the right solution for your situation?

If you are an entrepreneur who intends to work remotely to a large extent – alone or in a small team, or perhaps you already work in this way, and you are reluctant to use your private address to register your company, we suggest that renting a virtual office will be the most beneficial and professional solution for you.


When should you consider a virtual address?

Renting office space in a good location, often associated with its equipment, is a huge cost for the company, and in the case of those entrepreneurs who have decided to work remotely, it is even an unprofitable expense.

Nevertheless, the company must be registered at a specific address. If you are not renting an office you may start considering entering your home address, which is definitely not a good solution.

Firstly, if the apartment is rented, the landlord’s consent will be required to register, and the owner may not be willing to do so. It is not surprising, after all, the premises belonging to him will be used in the official documentation of a foreign company.

Secondly, if customers want to find you at the address indicated, you will need someone to receive and serve them. As a result, it comes down to the need to maintain the salary of an employee who will operate a kind of reception in your private home. It is probably not the most comfortable solution?

Thirdly, it is simply unprofessional, and thus can have a very negative impact on the image of your company.

The virtual address in IdeaPlace is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who work remotely, and yes, this does not only apply to entities that are just starting their business. After all, if the change is good for the company, why not make it? Especially in the case of companies that rent office premises but rarely use them.

The costs of renting the premises are fixed, regardless of whether you use it daily or once a week, not to mention the equipment costs that you have to bear at the very beginning and an additional price increase if you want an office in a good location. Some entrepreneurs still prefer to rent them, just to have the possibility of stationary work or for all kinds of business meetings.

What if we tell you that you can have it all, and even more, for a lower price thanks to a virtual address?

IdeaPlace Business Center offers comprehensive business support for your company.

A virtual address in the center of Wrocław is just one of our services. We also offer an equipped office space in the form of business and training rooms as well as a coworking space, which you can use whenever you need and, unlike renting an office, you only pay for the time spent there.


The benefits of having a virtual address in IdeaPlace

With our virtual office service, you gain not only an address, but also access to a wide range of additional services. We operate to provide your company with the highest level of work and full comfort.

We treat each of our clients individually and with the highest quality of service and professionalism.

If you need to register a company without having to rent an office or are looking for a solution that will improve its operation, choose the virtual address Wrocław in IdeaPlace. Thanks to our service you get:


The virtual address of Wrocław in IdeaPlace is more than just a place to register a company. It is access to comprehensive business support and a guarantee of professionalism and comfort of work for your company.

Register your company at a prestigious address or change your workplace to a more comfortable one. 

We will take care of satisfaction in cooperation.